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Weight chart   BMI chart

Here is the weight chart
that you will get on Excel


...and the BMI's one

Hello and welcome,

First sorry for my english, I am French. I live near Paris.

I have developped a software tool that can be very helpful for you. It is an Excel file that is programmed to record your weight when you want and to show its evolution and also the Body Mass Index. You can choose to view a fixed number of values (the last ten ones for example) or a specific period (from the 1st of August until the 10th of September). The graphics adjustements are made automatically. You just have to click on buttons to make your choice. You can duplicate the Excel file for each member of your family so that they can record and watch their weight.

Main view

Main view of the Excel application

Required configuration

Microsoft Excel is required
(version greater or equal to Excel 2007)

Please note, Excel viewer or OpenOffice are not compatible.

The software is for Windows only.


Installation and support

Once you have downloaded the Excel file you just have to copy it on a folder
(on the desktop or in you 'My Documents' folder for example).

Then you double-click on it, a window will open in which you can enter your weight right now.
That's all ! 

Weight input form

Weight input form

This window appears each time you open the Excel file. The last values of your height and weight are displayed. You just have to update them and click to the save button.

Weight and BMI Charts views

Chart and BMI view

The signification of your BMI automatically appears on the left table (green line).

BMI table

The maximal and minimal values of your weight and BMI appear on the right table:

Minimal and maximal weight values

Graphics configuration

By clicking on the 'Graphics control' button you will be able to manage the displaying of the weight and BMI charts as you wish.

Graphics control

You can display the last values of your weight or a specific period between two dates. You can also smooth the graphics to have a more realistic view.

Smooth graphics

Global BMI view

By clicking the BMI button you will see where you are situated in reference to the World Health Organization (WHO).

BMI view

The small black diamond represents your situation.

BMI evolution

It is a dynamic graph.
By clicking on the 'BMI evolution' button you will see your BMI evolution on the graphics according to the measures your have entered. You will see the small black diamond moving when you click on the arrows buttons. You can also choose a date or view your minimal or maximal BMI by clicking the 'Min BMI' and 'Max BMI' buttons.

Click on the icon to download the file
and begin your weight recording right now



It is not necessary to master Excel to use the file.
You just have to click on buttons.

If you are on a diet this tool will help you to reach your goals.

I have lost more than 20 lbs by using the file.
This is why I have designed it (I am software programmer).

Watching his weight and follow its evolution gives a powerful motivation.

With this software tool no data will be lost and you will see your progression on a large period.

You and your family can use this file for life.

Beside, you can contact me for any questions or problems.
I will answer you quickly.

Advantages of this tool

- Each member of your family can have a file and record his weight
- All is automatic and simple
- It's visual
- You enter your weight when you want
- Internet is not needed
- Lifetime use
- A quick and custom support at your service

Version history

September 2012 (version 1.0)
- Creation

Free Support
Free Upgrades

If you have any questions or problems, please contact me at this email address.